Virginia Street RAPID Extension Project

Progress in MidTown (11/2019)

Here’s a view from above on the progress so far in MidTown.  While much of the work so far has been done underground to relocate the above ground utilities, things are starting to come together at the street level too!  Take look as we start adding the finishing touches to the southern portion of the MidTown corridor.

We appreciate all the support from our community and please remember to come on down to MidTown.  All businesses are open during construction!



MidTown District Update!


As phase 2 of the MidTown District Reconstruction project began, we took some time to visit with some of the business owners to hear their thoughts on what this project will mean for MidTown and the city we call home!


We love our city and we are proud to be a part of its transformation.




Sierra Nevada Construction has had the honor of working with the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) of Washoe County to spearhead the transformation of the MidTown District in Reno and it’s been no small task, but SNC has been more than up to the job.  Over the last year, we’ve been partnering with business owners and stakeholders to minimize the impact of the reconstruction and we are grateful for their assistance, understanding and patience as the project progresses.

Last year, during Phase 1, we relocated overhead utilities to underground vaults and conduit which laid the groundwork for Phase 2.  Now that Phase 2 is underway, people are starting to see the metamorphosis of the area and watch in unfold.  Here is the first of several videos to come, that show the transformation of the MidTown District.






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